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Why phits…

PHITS is a set of acoustic materials designed to improve the sound of any speaker. Reverberation is eliminated, bass frequencies becomes more natural and sound improves incredibly.
PHITS is installed without the need to modify the loudspeaker and without using any glue.

PHITS RCX for Collins 516F-2 and 312B-3

Three different acoustic foams

The sound produced by the speaker backwards is out of phase and produces
resonances. It is noise that must be eliminated. The combination of foams aids to block the air inside and reduce this noise

Amazing audio performance
  • Elimates internal reverberation due to the metallic enclosure.
  • Perform the frequencies response.
  • Less fatigue and more confort for your hearing radio experience.

TT07A for Ten Tec SP-07

SPX0 for any speaker

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TenTec SP-307TT-07
Collins 312B-3RCX-1RCX-1
Collins 516F-2RCX-2RCX-2
Drake MS7SPX0