Phonema speakers are designed to match different transceivers. Due to the diversity of radios we have prioritize three topics to achieve the best possible speaker: height, color and design.

The variety of transceivers often have similar dimensions, a Yaesu FTDX1200 resembles an Icom IC7600, so Rhea speaker has dimensions that suit any of them by a system of adjustable legs. This way, the front height of the speaker is the same as the radio.

Most transceivers are dark colors from the light grey Kenwood TS2000 to the black Yaesu FT1000D. Given the high cost of obtaining the same color and texture of each model, Phonema has chosen in each case a color that fits all models.

Design wise Phonema speakers have a unique personality. The combination of selected materials and shapes incorporate an additional touch of elegance to transceivers because they match and keep the same line with Phonema speakers.

So far, KPS3 is available. Exceptionally, we are developing a speaker for Elekraft K3 due to its popularity and singularity. The Rhea unit will be launched at early 2016.




  • YAESU: FT950, FTDX1200, FTDX3000.
  • ICOM: IC756, IC7410, IC9100, IC7600, IC746, IC7400
  • KENWOOD: TS850, TS870.


  • ICOM: IC7300, IC725, IC728, IC730, IC735, IC821, IC910.
  • YAESU: FT890, FT707, FT900, FT840, FT757, FT747, FT650 FT847 and FT77.
  • KENWOOD: TS590, TS570, TS2000, TS450, TS440, TS430, TS711, TS811, TS140, TS680.
  • TENTEC: Delta II and Argonaut II

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